The Summit Of Soul

Featuring Des,Jazz and Dane

With over 60 years combined experience they have done it all, and it shows!!!

Des has a bass voice many bands dream of finding, allowing him to work with many stars such as Suzie Quattro, Tony Christie and Bob Monkhouse. He was also talented enough to win the prestigious “Opportunity Knocks” and “New Faces” with his brothers whilst he was a member of the popular soul group The Commissars!!!

Jazz has a voice that can very easily melt the hardest of hearts, This lady sings with a passion that could launch an armada ………effortlessly!!!! In the Noughties Jazz received wide acclaim as the lead singer of “What the Funk” as Lady Melody and still has many fans to date.

Dane has an impressive four octave range with power and precision to match!!! This guy has done it all from working with stars like “Blue” , Faith Brown And Shayne Ward to huge theatre shows and more. Recently Dane has achieved massive praise touring his solo show in Europe and the USA. With his quick wit and hilarious banter it’s a joy to see him on stage!!!

The Summit of Soul is the result of a passion for an era of music the likes of which will never be seen again! Armed with a fabulous repertoire of material and performed with their own exciting flair in stunning harmony. Is it any wonder The Summit Of Soul are in huge demand in all types of venues and functions here in the UK and aboard.
The flawless harmonies, smooth choreography and the sheer passion with which they’re performed put The Summit Of Soul in a class of their own.